Universal Manufacturing Language: Part 1

I fully intended to write something here about the potential that the world will develop some kind of open source blueprints so that any fart smeller could say “hey I want to build a dishwasher today” and press a button and boom! It would be so.. But nobody reads this crap anyways so I’m just gonna keep it to myself instead of being like one of the pinterest writers who will tell you about the time they ate a whole bag of chips in high school. Here’s a laser printer.


VR for Impact Submission

The UN and HTC Vive have teamed up to give $10,000,000 to global minded virtual reality concepts. I thought “Hey! There is no harm in trying!” So here is what I proposed:

A portal to the best possible future

If you want to achieve a specific goal, there are a few tasks that should be done to facilitate the process:

  • Create a clear and detailed plan
  • Visualize the end result as though you are experiencing it, &
  • Arouse enthusiasm as though you have already achieved that goal

If the planet is to create a sustainable future, we must begin by believing that one is possible. In order to believe it, we must see it happening intellectually and experience it emotionally. VR provides a powerful sense of empathy and the activities are retained in the mind as though they have actually occurred. This combination makes VR the perfect tool for establishing a clear mental picture of the best possible future.

My proposal is to create a VR interactive documentary from the perspective of a prosperous Earth in the year 2027. It will be a compilation of today’s most revolutionary ideas, presented as though they have already succeeded. The footage will include real life interviews with prominent inventors, scientists, philanthropists, and green minded individuals. To make these interviews more futuristic, computer graphics will be applied to these people to make them appear 10 years older.

Example: Go to a community that is independently sustained by solar and speak to the chief developer. Learn how the community was able to fund and develop the project and speculate as to the benefits of community funded green energy.

Basically, the technologies of today with the greatest potential for success will be put under the microscope and asked: “What did it take to succeed?” and “How will it help the earth as a whole?” Progressive ideas like: solar water desalination, carbon nanotubes, alternative fuel cars, hemp farms, aeroponic tower farms, and internet communities that support global cooperation.

The messages of real people will make the experience more believable by creating associations between optimistic potential and current reality. The participant will feel that in the future we have truly succeeded, that EVERYONE leads fulfilling lifestyles, and that we have an efficient ongoing method for overcoming obstacles.

Between segments of thought provoking dialog, there will be interactive examples of how we will use advanced technology to make people more self-sufficient and support planetary cooperation. Here are a few examples:

  • Collaborate with AI (artificial intelligence) in your home to solve engineering, mathematical or creative problems. ie: present a rough sketch of a kitchen chair and let an AI make it structurally sound for 3D printing.
  • Use AR (augmented reality) to repair your car [complete with virtual tools]. The computer will guide you through troubleshooting and tell you what parts to remove while offering live support.
  • Virtual cooking tutorials will show users how to make complex cuisine faster than ordinarily possible. Recipe generating algorithms will help people eat more creative and healthy foods while saving money by ensuring zero-waste. This means less food production and happier, healthier people.
  • Use VR to practice skills like first aid which ordinarily rely on theoretical training.
  • VR online school for remote locations. For example the participant could be a virtual teacher and teach a group of children in a foreign country how to write the alphabet.


The scenery and events should not be so advanced that they are beyond the realm of plausibility. The viewer should be left thinking “Yes! This can and should happen!” at the end of every segment.

Too many well intended documentaries leave you with a sense of despair. They often inspire us with guilt or fear to go out looking for change, but ultimately they have no tangible direction and instill helplessness. My intention here is to leave the participant with an intense feeling of optimism. Not only will they feel that the future is bright but they will know exactly which steps will take them there! They will feel that they are part of a global village that is collectively driving toward a clear objective.

**Potential add-on: The documentary could be paired with a crowd funding mobile app that allows users to donate a small monthly sum to world changing ideas. Ideas will be voted on by users to decide which project will receive that month’s total donations. It could be an easy way to raise money for solar fields or disaster relief for example.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this idea. VR is a truly profound example of how far we have come with technology and offers an exciting glimpse of where we can go. Getting a person excited about potentiality is the best way to get them to act, so why not get people excited for the future?

Thank You!

One Virtual Step: A Pseudo Walk on the Moon For Motor Challenged Children

Can you imagine never having walked? What would that feel like to be trapped in your body? Never having used your hands to eat a slice of pizza. What about your voice? Could you put yourself into that place? Never once spun a dirty limerick! There are strong people in this world, born with the exact same soul as you, who can’t imagine what it’s like to walk because they’ve never had the privilege. Never spoken a word.

What would they say? Probably “Scratch my back!” or “Change the channel!” Those little ‘luxuries’ we all take for granted.

In the virtual realm, those limitations could be bent to near obsolescence! Your physical action is irrelevant when your eyes can give you the sensation of motion. Surely you’ve watched a movie where the actors were jumping off a cliff and your toes curled up as though your fate were tied to theirs! Now imagine being “inside” the screen! You’d REALLY feel that! You’d brace for the splat!

Neurologists have been playing with the rehabilitation benefits of AR and VR since their conception, but we are now starting to see the results! Paraplegics are regaining the use of limbs! So what about those who have no hope of ever walking? What experience could they have that they’d never even dreamed of? What sensations otherwise locked up?

SMI Eye tracking has put sensors inside VR headsets to allow you to control a cursor within the headset using nothing but the movement of your eyes. What does that mean? Someone who can’t move their neck, can control their virtual motion. They could go for a virtual walk and “choose” the direction you want to go!

Eye tracking tools like MyGaze allow you to use your eyes as a mouse cursor on any computer. This technology has been used to communicate the very basic ‘yes’/’no’ and even write whole words with an on screen keyboard. A user can choose from a list of pictures what they are trying to communicate simply by looking at it. Gamers even use this device to play racing and shooting games.

Maybe we can’t replace motor function in all individuals, but we can give them a voice and a feeling they’ve never felt before. Give them a chance to walk with their friends on a multi player mission. Or drive a car! Or jump out of a plane! You would go from nearly zero choice, to exploring worlds beyond imagination!


Paraplegics are learning to walk again with virtual reality


Hemp! The swiss army knife of plants

This food has everything. We put a tablespoon in smoothies and its got all the omegas and amino acids you need! Amino acids are the precursor to all the neural transmitters your body produces like dopamine and serotonin. So if you find yourself having a run of downer type days, you might want to ingest some of these seeds. The stocks can be used in the manufacture of anything from clothing to car parts, fuel and plastic! So awesome, I’m gonna go get some just to look at and smell. Huge potential market for the market minded.